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Retro Spike
February 18, 2007, 5:24 am
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For many years i shunned the consoles, as i had a ninja PC and PC gaming was where it was at! (great English i know) I did own a PS2, Xbox, and GC, but they pretty much collected dust if my brother didn’t play ’em.

After jumping out of WoW (world of warcraft) recently i really felt the urge to play some console games. So i picked up a Xbox 360, and never looked back. I feel pretty ashamed of myself in all honesty, i missed some truly epic triple AAA titles. Some examples for ya. I haven’t played a Final Fantasy title since VII, I skipped both Halo’s, and i’ve missed every Zelda game since Ocarina of Time. Most gamers have already stopped reading but fear not, the boy is back. Lately i’ve been playing Gears of War, Tony Hawk: Project 8, NBA2k7, and most recently Enchanted Arms. Apart from that, although i don’t own a Nintendo DS, it’s pretty much a given i’ll be picking one up pretty soon. Borrowing a friend’s DS to play games like Trauma Unit, and Phoenix Wright have pretty much sealed the deal. (Bring on Hotel Dusk!)


But the last couple weeks i’ve been yearning for some retro gaming. Rumors that Ikaruga may makes its way to Xbox Live Arcade have me all excited, as well as the already confirmed Castlevania: Synthony of the Night. The younger me used to love arcades and the older me still secretly does. Vertical shooters were some of the greatest coin-op titles released. I was pointed in the direction of a shooter made in Flash. I’ve already wasted hours playing it as i’m sure you will when you check out RaidenX here.

Having sold off my ps2 i am now feeling like a right twat. That dusty PS2 aint dead yet mate! Okami which can be picked up for the dirt cheap price of £19.95 here, is another game i’ll miss out on. Also Final Fantasy XII finally(!!!!!!) hits Europe on Friday and with God of War 2 to come, those dual shock 2 pads have some use left.

That’ ll teach me.


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