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This week i’ve been playing (Week starting 26/2/2007)
March 1, 2007, 6:21 pm
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So last Friday (23/2/07) Crackdown found its official European launch. Having played the demo co-op with my brother over Xbox Live, i knew i was gonna buy this game. Yeh, yeh, Halo 3 beta blah blah blah….. The beta doesn’t really appeal to me having not really played the first two, although i will be taking place in the beta. I bought Crackdown for Crackdown and Crackdown is what i got. The co-op is great, mindless sandbox fun, Stuff that shouldn’t really be fun but is. The comparisons to the GTA series kinda fall apart 5 mins into the game, and with all the GTA clones out at the moment that my friends is a good thing. We have GTA IV to come later this year anyways.

In Crackdown you are a “super-cop” of sorts, and you level up your abilities as you play, there’s a nice mix of stuff to do, although most of it feels like side missions. The main missions always end up with “go kill him/her”. Their are car races, as well as rooftop races, and then their’s the collection of orbs. Orb’s help level your stats, their are two kinds of orb; agility, 500 of ’em spread across the 3 cities (i’ve found about 469) and hidden, only 300 to grab, but much harder to find. Which leads me to the achievements, here is where the game shows it’s genius. It has some of the most random achievements in any game so far. While playing co-op we’ve spent more time doing stupid shit and experimenting/trying to get the achievements, than beating the bosses. This adds a purpose to the sandbox fun, and that is somewhat new. The simplicity of the game is kinda refreshing, here’s a world, go play in it. It’s a game that probably lack real longevity, but while it lasts it is fun.

Oh yeh i know Final Fantasy XII came out on Friday also. I don’t have a ps2, please don’t remind me. I have a few friends that are playing it and have nothing but praise for it. (Screw you guys)


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You completed Halo 1…

Doesn’t *REALLY* count as “Not really played” does it?


Comment by Adam

Sssshhhhhhhhh 😛

I’ve never actually played halo multiplayer.

Comment by Pixel

Man you really need to get a PS2…..

Comment by Wreck

You need to play Halo multiplayer to really appreciate how poor that game is. The multiplayer levels play like they’re made by monkeys with a mouse

Comment by Frag

I’ll be trying out Halo 3 multiplayer, maybe now im more accustomed to console shooters my views will change. There was a time when i was too snobbish to play a FPS on console. I think it’s hard jumping from PC FPS to console FPS. Speaking of jumping what’s all that halo floaty jumping about? 😛

Comment by Pixel

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