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A Post With No Bullet-points aka Cheap Stuff at
March 23, 2007, 4:59 pm
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You know what they say about London buses right? Ah nevermind….

Here’s the deal. I try my best to keep my eye open for gaming bargains. Does this mean that sometimes I buy games I normally wouldn’t? Sure (Rockstar Table Tennis comes to mind). So today i stumbled across a few cheapo’s that might take your fancy. has some crazy prices now and then, and today is one of those crazy times.

If this morning/last night you bought yourself a shiny new ps3, I’m betting you didnt pick up Genji (motorstorm or VF5 isGenji what i hope you bought). By not buying Genji you made a good call, what with all that “Massive Damage” malarkey. Let’s move on. So along comes to ruin you by selling Genji for £20 delivered from day one, so if your are looking for a game you cant play on the 360, it’s one of the few. For the record i’m not saying you should buy Genji, let’s get that clear. also has a few 360 games prices at £18 that you might snatch up. Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent, which is pretty good if you enjoy hiding in the dark. Anyone that’s ever played a Splinter Cell games kinda knows what to expect.

The other game at £18 is Earth Defence Force 2017, which actually isn’t even released until next Friday. It looks like a2017 mindless shooter with B-movie style. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Would probably hold me over until the additional content for Crackdown is released. Huge enemies that hardly fit on the screen and tonnes of Germany friendly green bug blood are in a abundance here. The fact it has no online co-op mode kinda sucks, and was the reason my interest in the game dropped. Online co-op makes even the worst games fun! Even without online play, at £18 i’m considering picking it up. If you are still unsure, you might wanna ‘ave a butchers at Scott Sharkey’s review on, and watch the hilarious trailer here.

No I do not work for 😛


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