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An Update with Bullet-points
March 23, 2007, 12:23 pm
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So yes i have been quite lazy recently and haven’t updated the blog. Not off to the best start are we? So just what have i been doin? Well here is just some of what i have done since the last post. Presented completely in bullet-point form, you will agree this is indeed more laziness. Enjoy.Laziness

  • Drank 27 cups of Tea
  • Ate 6 pies and 6 mash
  • Spent £25.50 on Microsoft Points
  • Died 1,345,567 times on Alien Hominid
  • Died 1,345,566 times on Castlevania SOTN
  • Failed to complete TMNT: The arcade game on online Co-op
  • Realised Nigel Slater is kinda gay
  • Got addicted to Nigel Slater’s show A Taste of my Life on BBC2
  • Listened to Mood Music part 2 by Joe Budden start to finish at least 5 times
  • Earned over 1000 Gamerscore (i’m upto about 5275 now)
  • Gave up trying to get every orb in Crackdown
  • Listened to Memphis Bleek ft Akon – Never forget me, like 30 times
  • Conceded 19 goals by Adriano on Pro Evolution Soccer in ranked matches over Xbox Live
  • Watched The Illusionist (not bad)
  • Didn’t play WoW
  • Went to 5 job interviews
  • Wore a tie 5 times
  • Went to Portsmouth
  • Bought a Nintendo DS Lite (thanks Josh)
  • Got annoyed by my DS Lite stylus that wont stay in place (thanks Josh)
  • Laughed at Tottingham Hotspur football club (bless ’em)
  • Read The meaning of recognition by Clive James
  • Played Fable
  • Completed Gears of War for the fourth time
  • Collected all 30 Cog tags in GoW
  • Got my Sniper achievement in GoW
  • Wrote 4 new songs
  • Bought a wireless headset for my Xbox 360
  • Didn’t buy a Playstation 3
  • Went for a drink with Bem
  • Complemented Bem on his BMW
  • Watched 50+ episodes of Seinfeld
  • Laughed at UK:Resistance’s constant Ps3 bashing
  • Ignored my blog

That’s about all i could remember….


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Drank 27 cups of Tea- I drank more.
Ate 6 pies and 6 mash- You got me beat. Had a good mash topped Shepherds Pie yesterday though.
Listened to Memphis Bleek ft Akon – Never forget me, like 30 times- Just downloaded the new Green Lantern that the song was for! KNOW THAT YOU’LL NEVER FORGET MEEEEE!
Complemented Bem on his BMW- Bastid!

Comment by Tego

” Didn’t play WoW ”

You got kicked outa the guild today mate, brought a tear to me eye 😦

Comment by Wreck

End of a era my friend. Pikkle’s gone to the big realm in the sky. He was a proud dwarf. Just know that whenever you see a Dwarf Rogue, you’ll think of me.

Comment by Pixel

So true man, He lives on in the heart aswell as every other dwarf rogue.

Comment by Wreck

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