You think it’s a game

March 24, 2007, 8:19 pm
Filed under: Gaming, Music, Personal

It’s Saturday evening, I spent the afternoon dying some more on Castlevania before chomping on some home made Chicken Jalfrezi. Feeling bloated I thought i’d have a sit down and engage in some Phoenix Wright. I finally completed the third case, then went down stairs to watch the England vs Israel game. The first half was a uninspiring typical England performance, Sven mark-II indeed. I can’t bear to watch the second half so im here typing this instead, and checking the game with the BBC text update coverage. Let it be said that England’s performance is as frustrating in text as it is in vision, the score is currently 0-0. My mum is in my room watching my TV, she’s watching Born Survivor: Bear Grylls. So I am typing to a soundtrack “yuk” sounds.Poor ol' Steve

In rebelling against the England game I stumbled across this article- Cotchin Fridays: Kano, Sway and Roll Deep Talk PS3. Rwd mag seem to have some quite entertaining compliments for the Playstation 3. It being a music mag you take gaming mentions with a pinch (read salt shaker) of salt. [LIVE UPDATE: Jamie Carragher hit the bar, i’ll need visual proof of this.] Rwd mag refer to the PS3 as “the techmalogical advancement of our dreams” and “gaming delicacy”. The article covers a few Sony promo events that random “celebs” (more salt) have attended. Sway beat Kano at Def Jam Icon which is wrong since Kano is actually a playable character in the game, Sway obviously was more motivated. Danny Williams fresh of his stop smoking poster campaign in Brixton extended his losing streak by losing to Chelsea’s Shawn Wright-Philips at Fight Night: Round 3(didn’t anyone tell ’em Fight Night: rnd 3 has been out on the 360 for about a year?). Oh well Danny boy, at least their is no need for sunglasses to cover up the bruises in this loss.

Five minutes left till the end of the England game…. Still 0-0.

I’m still loling at “techmalogical!”


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