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March 27, 2007, 10:57 pm
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First up, thanks for all the kind messages. They are truly appreciated.bosha

By the time this is uploaded it will be Wednesday the 28th of March. This date marks my last day of unemployment (freedom), and strangely enough my brother’s birthday. I’ve also run out of episodes of Seinfeld to watch, and finished the jar of peanut butter. Coincidence? Must be. Anyone that has Bosh on their Msn Messenger list will know its his birthday, because he has been counting down for like 30 days! So a huge happy birthday to you my lil’ brother. Have a good one, and i’ll see you on Friday.

Oh and sorry about the choice of picture too, I couldn’t resist.



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Seeing as Bosh was flagged as ‘out’ last night and not ‘Playing World of Warcraft’. I’m guessing this picture is a pretty accurate representation of how he was celebrating his birthday.

Strangly, I can picture him doing his Sean Michaels impression on the middle of the dancefloor. Those student chicks probably digg it as well.

This day calls for formality. Happy birthday Mr Bosha Knocka.

Comment by Frag


I’d pay to have that impression on video. True genius. That picture takes me back to playing curb ball, playing football using parking posts as a goal, and my personal favourite, basketball with the lamp post. Ahhh back in the day was great. Run outs, red letters, so many memories.

Comment by Pixel

Harry Redknapp will kick him down! KICK HIM DOWN!

Comment by Tego

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