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Back to work or The Case of the Throbbing Feet
April 3, 2007, 9:48 pm
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Ok, so my government sponsored gaming marathon is over. I’ve traded in the good life for a 40+ hour week of hard work and 6am starts. Expect posts from me complaining and saying how tired I am from now on (give me sympathy). Here’s a tip for all, buy comfortable shoes!! Can’t stress this enough. I think 24 years of wearing trainers has given me sissy feet. My feet are actually trying to kill me, throbbing from the cheap-ass shoes I chose to buy because they look nice. This weekend i’ll be in the market for some cushioned foot garments.

My gaming time has been hit hard, I actually fell asleep while playing some two player Earth Defence Force: 2017 with my brother yesterday. Right before I started work last Thursday I picked up Need for Speed: Carbon CE, which I actually ended up enjoying quite a bit. I tend to lean on the arcadier side of racing games, and this was quite a nice solution. I played Most Wanted on PC and it’s more of the same really. Police chases can be a shed load of fun, the NFS series still have the best police car chase available I believe. Other than that, I played through the World Tour mode on Virtua Tennis 3. Again pleasantly surprising, it hasn’t changed much since the first outing on the Dreamcast or even the arcade version. Still, it’s a tight little package and I managed to waste hours playing it’s mix of Tennis and minigames (gimme achievements!). Yesterday I played some Earth Defence Force: 2017, it was a blast. Literally. What other game has you start with a rocket launcher and infinite ammo?! I played it two player, which was weird. Having a person sit next to me playing is so2017 mething that is rarer and rarer these days. Played through about 16 missions and we was only like 6% through the game. Watching rockets bounce off dino-mechs is entertaining. What can I say?

ps.. The rapper A+ has some new material out, you can hear it at‘s audio section. Back in ’96 I was over feeling this dude’s music. New ish is a bit too mixtapy for my liking but i hope to hear some full tracks soon. His Latch Key Child album is serious. If you have that, pull it off the shelf and listen to Gusto ft Prodigy from Mobb Deep. One of my favourite tracks of all time.

Ah well, back to work…


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Hahaha. You and your A+! Always pushing that kid.

Work is good. Throbbing feet is good. My feet are fine but I lack that sense of achievement and effort. Bastardo!

My gaming experience this week was… watch Jack play Metal Gear Solid 2 on PS2 and remember how crap it is… and play XIII multi player Capture The Flag which has no radar; with Marvin and Ben. I need a Wii!… I need a wee! That joke NEVER gets old!

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