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Emotional Attachment
April 12, 2007, 9:34 pm
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Music is a wonderfully powerful thing, at one stage in my life it really did dictate me. I don’t listen to a lot of music nowadays which is a real shame. I don’t own an Ipod and I live with people that don’t appreciate the noise I create. So nowadays most of the music I hear is what I hear at work. It’s the same songs in rotation, which afCrazyness ter only two weeks of work is already really annoying. But there are a couple a tracks in the selection that I actually like. A track that I think is quite obscure and was surprised when it came through the speakers is a Faithless track entitled ‘Crazy English Summer’. It’s strange how you can attach meaning to certain songs, be it a place, person or even a memory. For me this song takes me back to my first year of University and it reminds me of someone in particular. It’s a track that I have a weird reaction to, and puts my mind in a state of reflection. So essentially it is not just the song that is powerful but also what you attach to it. Similarly the Semisonic track ‘Secret Smile’ reminds me of my first job. That was a whopping eight years ago when I was just sixteen, and I think it’s funny that it was in the rotation back then and is still rotating now.

Since i’ve started work i’ve found it hard to find mental time to create music. It’s something i’m gonna have to learn to deal with. I’m working on a new project at the moment, and it will be a very different creative process this time round. In the past I had full control over pretty much everything. This time round I will have to rely on my team to take over responsibilities we shared in the past. Should ultimately mean this project will be entirely different to anything i’ve done in the past. Should be good.


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It’s hilarious how once we finally get into the spot we’ve been yearning to get into, that talent that got us there seems to disappear. I was listening to a Death Cab song all day today, and even just wandering around with that in your ear changes your perception of everything.

I realize I’m blabbering. I can’t figure out what to do when I can’t sleep.

Comment by Winston

Which reminds me…

If youre still on the “concept” we were discussing a few months back, I have something you may like.


Comment by BigJackWho?

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