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Back Blogging (Camden Crawl Write Up)
April 27, 2007, 10:10 am
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My main harddisk failed on Monday, so sorry if posts have been thin on the ground. So this post is from the past. (ooohhh spooky)

Last Friday (20/4/07), I got a call from Tego letting me know he had a Camden Crawl pass for me. Sweet. So after my eight hour shift at work, I jumped into some hot water and headed towards Camden. Camden Crawl only happens once a year and i’ve actually never been. Add that to the fact I haven’t been out for like a month, and I jumped at the chance. I met up with the rest of Why Lout? minus Dego who’s touring in Europe somewhere with Envy, my mind wonders..

Marvin was doing a photo shoot outside KoKo. Which is strange because that’s where we did the artwork for the It’s Been Time mixtape. Marvin had a towel hanging from his shoulders like a cape and was pretending to be a superhero. After the shoot we went backstage at KoKo to our dressing room. We took the Spinal Tap spiral stairs up to our room, me and Jack Nimble walked into the wrong dressing room only to find a Dr Doom mask sitting on a table. So I threw it on and Jack snapped a quick pic. Here’s the evidence. (poor quality I know, camera phone sorry)doom

Finally we found the right room, punched in the code and had a sit down. We shared our dressing room with a band called The Errorplains with The Charlatans stationed next door. We ran back down stairs for a soundcheck and hooked up the equipment. All was going fine till Jack realised someone had stolen all his leads. Thieves! So we borrowed some leads did a very quick sound check and got ready to go on. I hopped offstage and Marvin and Jack took there places. The set was really good, energy was amazing, it was clear those guys had really rehearsed the set. It was faultless. I jumped on stage for BOOM, the set closer, to which the crowd seemed really excited about. (made me smile) It was a memorable performance which I enjoyed immensely. We headed back upstairs to the dressing room to rehydrate. Once settled we helped ourselves to the rider which consisted of redstuff, both Redbull, and Redstripe. We were joined by The Errorplains and as ever the debate began. We had a great conversation that covered such topics as 80’s cartoons, games consoles, Star Wars, Futurama and Frank Bruno. My favourite kind of convo. It’s all on film aswell so expect a youtube link in the near future. Speaking of youtube links Marvin has some youtube vids from Camden Crawl and his write up on his myspace page, check it.

I ended up being awake for 23 hours of the 24 hour day. Intense.

Thanks go to Jack, Marv and Tego for letting me tag along.


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Yeah, twas a laugh. By the way, does anyone remember my cabbie prediction/argument?

Cabbie: “5 people to Brixton? That will be £30”
Jack: “Pssh.”
Cabbie: “What do you usually pay?”
Jack: “£22, in a black cab at that.”
Cabbie: “Hahahaha! Good luck”

20mins later, another cabbie offers me a 7 seater to Brixton for £40. I laugh, and he remarks back “ok, meet me half way. £35.”

Mini cabbies make me laugh.

The eventual fare from Camden to Brixton (in a black cab)…?


Comment by BigJackWho?

I bet cabbies love events like CC. I’m so sure drunked people are willing to pay £40 for that ride. That’s crazy moneys. £21.90 isnt cheap, but compared I think we did well.

Comment by Pixel

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