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More Back Blogging (Wii hunting and Reebok pay me)
April 27, 2007, 10:52 am
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We are slowly catching up to the present, please bear with me.

Saturday (21/4/07) morning hits and i’ve had almost no sleep after being awake for 23 hours of Friday. But I’m scheduled to do a focus group for Reebok and their’s is £40 in it for me so I jump on the tube in a zombie state and head for the West End. I reach my destination and press the door bell, the door opens and a receptionist asks for my name. I respond and am given a name badge with my name spelt wrong “Metim” instead of “Metin” but i’m so tired I don’t even care. I sign the guest book and am handed an envelope with the same wrongly spelled name. I open it and put my £40 in my wallet. I feel like i could just leave since they’ve already paid me, but I don’t. I go through to a room we free drinks so I get my free Redbull on.(Two days in a row, how crazy is that) I notice the two way mirror and the numerous video cameras. So the guy from Reebok shows us some of the new marketing campaigns and we yay or nay them. Then we get a chance to some new 2008 Reebok trainers. They looked a bit 2007 to me, no real shift in direction. An hour has gone past and our time is up. We leave and that was the easiest forty boof i’ve ever made.

Being that i’m in the Westend and i’m still “Wii-less” I take the opportunity to try find one. First I try all the big retailers Game, HMV, Virgin, but i have no luck and most employees just laugh at me. Computer Exchange is next my next stop but they are selling second hand consoles with no Wii Sports for £235. Errr no thanks. So I decide to go the indy route, I walk to Game Focus around the corner. They tell me they sell them at £180 but don’t have any, then he pcryingroceeds to tease me with the American import version of Super Paper Mario. Bastard. Next is Tottenham Court Road, home to load shops that just seem to sell nothing but phones, keyboards and monitors. I’m not having much luck as most people don’t even know what a Nintendo Wii is. One retailer even tells me they don’t sell games consoles, so I stay silent and point to the PS3’s on the shelf. He says that it’s “above” games. I walk out. I am greeted with numerous more shakes of the head but then as I go to leave one shop a different employee says they have one left. I say ok i’ll take it, he says £300 please. I say nothing. Then moonwalk out the shop. I go on to find another two machines both priced at £250. I refuse to pay above the RRP. So I go home empty handed.



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You’re ballin’! God damn baller.

We’re in the West End all Sunday if you’re on it. Festival thing at The Fly. Should be fun. Example’s headlining.

I am gaming at the moment which may shock you. I spent £20 in Computer Exchange the other day. Bought X-Men Legends which is fucking great (£4). San Andreas which is fucking great (£6). Transformers which is okay… it’s Transformers though (£4). Getaway which is pretty poo pants but you get to drive around London (£3) and some Tom Clancey Game I haven’t played yet (£3) all on the PS2. I have been playing X-Men Legends pretty consistently since I bought it though. I just found out there is a sequel! I am so buying that!

I think I’m going to get one of those £200 xBox360s as well.

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