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Keep your grindie to yourself mate!
May 7, 2008, 2:59 pm
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Jeezsuus. This term grindie won’t die. It’s been a while but this has gotta be the strangest place i’ve seen it used. I’m happy to see original content on PSN (Sony’s Playstation Network) but this sounds quite wack. Check this regurgitation of a press release out.

Movement (PSN)

Seeking out the greatest unsigned bands from across Europe, Movement is an exclusive PSN music experience which will open your ears, your PS3 and PSP to the best in international music. From French electronica to London grindie via melody driven rock from Germany, you’ll hear it all courtesy of hosts Spencer and Martin who are tracking down the sweetest sounds across the continent in their VW Camper. With exclusive downloads on PSN and performances at PlayStation Day, movement will culminate with one band being selected by Spencer and Martin to have a professional promo video made. Look out for the entire madcap adventure on PSN soon.

Why Lout? invented “Grindie” when we sampled some indie for a Marvin track in 2005. The term is bullshit. I don’t wanna go off on a rant but people please stop using the term.

Anyway go holla at Marvin’s myspace for a listen of his new track Boyspot.

Anyone that uses the term “grindie” is in Westlife. Straight!


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I hear that is cool website is launching at the end of this month.!!!!!

Comment by dannyd4561

Ha! We should get paid for that!

Comment by Tego

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