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The death of the word
May 5, 2008, 3:20 pm
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In a conversation I had a couple days back, someone stated that if writers like Philip K Dick and Hunter S Thompson were of a current generation they would just be bloggers. Realising the accuracy of that statement mad me a little sad. Not totally sure why either. What’s wrong with blogging??

Art holds strange power over human beings, many of us dedicate ourselves to it. Seeing art forms emerge and die is part of life.

Although the title of this entry is complete bullshit, words are not dead (far from it). Times have indeed changed. Games as art is a current debate. I myself see games as art, of course they are. Combining visuals with music, even the user interface can be art.

Although GTA4 is what i’m mainly playing at the moment. I did play a game called ‘Polcarstva‘ today. Russian for “There is no half kingdom”, I believe. It’s a point and click flash adventure. Really beautiful looking, sounding, and the interface is really organic. Really cool free bite-size web game. Try it out.

Speaking of beautiful, jeez it’s hot outside. very nice day indeed.


To Wii or not to Wii…
April 12, 2007, 10:42 pm
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Crappy title I know.

Earlier on in the week I ventured into a Game store in Bank to see if they had some Wii’s in stock. They didn’t. Which is annoying, and what is more annoying is that they will not let me preorder one. First come first served for the loss. I refuse to buy a bundle because all I really want is Zelda at the moment, and Game is one of tWii he only retailers that wont restrict you to a bundle. They also won’t tell me when they will next get some stock. What is wrong with these people?! So i’m confined to phoning the shop every morning to ask them if they have new stock. I feel like a flipping crackhead. Just let me buy one so I can sit it next to my 360 and go back to work. Seems i’m not the only one having problems getting hold of one either. I haven’t turned on my xbox for like four days. I blame a combination of Champions League and tiredness. I’ve also been reading Jennifer Government by Max Barry, which is pretty damn hilarious. So with my gaming almost non-existent this week i’m looking forward to trying the update for Gears of War over the weekend.

I wanted to play Story of Thor with rose tinted glasses. Guess i’ll have to wait.