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More Back Blogging (Wii hunting and Reebok pay me)
April 27, 2007, 10:52 am
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We are slowly catching up to the present, please bear with me.

Saturday (21/4/07) morning hits and i’ve had almost no sleep after being awake for 23 hours of Friday. But I’m scheduled to do a focus group for Reebok and their’s is £40 in it for me so I jump on the tube in a zombie state and head for the West End. I reach my destination and press the door bell, the door opens and a receptionist asks for my name. I respond and am given a name badge with my name spelt wrong “Metim” instead of “Metin” but i’m so tired I don’t even care. I sign the guest book and am handed an envelope with the same wrongly spelled name. I open it and put my £40 in my wallet. I feel like i could just leave since they’ve already paid me, but I don’t. I go through to a room we free drinks so I get my free Redbull on.(Two days in a row, how crazy is that) I notice the two way mirror and the numerous video cameras. So the guy from Reebok shows us some of the new marketing campaigns and we yay or nay them. Then we get a chance to some new 2008 Reebok trainers. They looked a bit 2007 to me, no real shift in direction. An hour has gone past and our time is up. We leave and that was the easiest forty boof i’ve ever made.

Being that i’m in the Westend and i’m still “Wii-less” I take the opportunity to try find one. First I try all the big retailers Game, HMV, Virgin, but i have no luck and most employees just laugh at me. Computer Exchange is next my next stop but they are selling second hand consoles with no Wii Sports for £235. Errr no thanks. So I decide to go the indy route, I walk to Game Focus around the corner. They tell me they sell them at £180 but don’t have any, then he pcryingroceeds to tease me with the American import version of Super Paper Mario. Bastard. Next is Tottenham Court Road, home to load shops that just seem to sell nothing but phones, keyboards and monitors. I’m not having much luck as most people don’t even know what a Nintendo Wii is. One retailer even tells me they don’t sell games consoles, so I stay silent and point to the PS3’s on the shelf. He says that it’s “above” games. I walk out. I am greeted with numerous more shakes of the head but then as I go to leave one shop a different employee says they have one left. I say ok i’ll take it, he says £300 please. I say nothing. Then moonwalk out the shop. I go on to find another two machines both priced at £250. I refuse to pay above the RRP. So I go home empty handed.



Back Blogging (Camden Crawl Write Up)
April 27, 2007, 10:10 am
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My main harddisk failed on Monday, so sorry if posts have been thin on the ground. So this post is from the past. (ooohhh spooky)

Last Friday (20/4/07), I got a call from Tego letting me know he had a Camden Crawl pass for me. Sweet. So after my eight hour shift at work, I jumped into some hot water and headed towards Camden. Camden Crawl only happens once a year and i’ve actually never been. Add that to the fact I haven’t been out for like a month, and I jumped at the chance. I met up with the rest of Why Lout? minus Dego who’s touring in Europe somewhere with Envy, my mind wonders..

Marvin was doing a photo shoot outside KoKo. Which is strange because that’s where we did the artwork for the It’s Been Time mixtape. Marvin had a towel hanging from his shoulders like a cape and was pretending to be a superhero. After the shoot we went backstage at KoKo to our dressing room. We took the Spinal Tap spiral stairs up to our room, me and Jack Nimble walked into the wrong dressing room only to find a Dr Doom mask sitting on a table. So I threw it on and Jack snapped a quick pic. Here’s the evidence. (poor quality I know, camera phone sorry)doom

Finally we found the right room, punched in the code and had a sit down. We shared our dressing room with a band called The Errorplains with The Charlatans stationed next door. We ran back down stairs for a soundcheck and hooked up the equipment. All was going fine till Jack realised someone had stolen all his leads. Thieves! So we borrowed some leads did a very quick sound check and got ready to go on. I hopped offstage and Marvin and Jack took there places. The set was really good, energy was amazing, it was clear those guys had really rehearsed the set. It was faultless. I jumped on stage for BOOM, the set closer, to which the crowd seemed really excited about. (made me smile) It was a memorable performance which I enjoyed immensely. We headed back upstairs to the dressing room to rehydrate. Once settled we helped ourselves to the rider which consisted of redstuff, both Redbull, and Redstripe. We were joined by The Errorplains and as ever the debate began. We had a great conversation that covered such topics as 80’s cartoons, games consoles, Star Wars, Futurama and Frank Bruno. My favourite kind of convo. It’s all on film aswell so expect a youtube link in the near future. Speaking of youtube links Marvin has some youtube vids from Camden Crawl and his write up on his myspace page, check it.

I ended up being awake for 23 hours of the 24 hour day. Intense.

Thanks go to Jack, Marv and Tego for letting me tag along.

To Wii or not to Wii…
April 12, 2007, 10:42 pm
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Crappy title I know.

Earlier on in the week I ventured into a Game store in Bank to see if they had some Wii’s in stock. They didn’t. Which is annoying, and what is more annoying is that they will not let me preorder one. First come first served for the loss. I refuse to buy a bundle because all I really want is Zelda at the moment, and Game is one of tWii he only retailers that wont restrict you to a bundle. They also won’t tell me when they will next get some stock. What is wrong with these people?! So i’m confined to phoning the shop every morning to ask them if they have new stock. I feel like a flipping crackhead. Just let me buy one so I can sit it next to my 360 and go back to work. Seems i’m not the only one having problems getting hold of one either. I haven’t turned on my xbox for like four days. I blame a combination of Champions League and tiredness. I’ve also been reading Jennifer Government by Max Barry, which is pretty damn hilarious. So with my gaming almost non-existent this week i’m looking forward to trying the update for Gears of War over the weekend.

I wanted to play Story of Thor with rose tinted glasses. Guess i’ll have to wait.

Emotional Attachment
April 12, 2007, 9:34 pm
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Music is a wonderfully powerful thing, at one stage in my life it really did dictate me. I don’t listen to a lot of music nowadays which is a real shame. I don’t own an Ipod and I live with people that don’t appreciate the noise I create. So nowadays most of the music I hear is what I hear at work. It’s the same songs in rotation, which afCrazyness ter only two weeks of work is already really annoying. But there are a couple a tracks in the selection that I actually like. A track that I think is quite obscure and was surprised when it came through the speakers is a Faithless track entitled ‘Crazy English Summer’. It’s strange how you can attach meaning to certain songs, be it a place, person or even a memory. For me this song takes me back to my first year of University and it reminds me of someone in particular. It’s a track that I have a weird reaction to, and puts my mind in a state of reflection. So essentially it is not just the song that is powerful but also what you attach to it. Similarly the Semisonic track ‘Secret Smile’ reminds me of my first job. That was a whopping eight years ago when I was just sixteen, and I think it’s funny that it was in the rotation back then and is still rotating now.

Since i’ve started work i’ve found it hard to find mental time to create music. It’s something i’m gonna have to learn to deal with. I’m working on a new project at the moment, and it will be a very different creative process this time round. In the past I had full control over pretty much everything. This time round I will have to rely on my team to take over responsibilities we shared in the past. Should ultimately mean this project will be entirely different to anything i’ve done in the past. Should be good.

Back to work or The Case of the Throbbing Feet
April 3, 2007, 9:48 pm
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Ok, so my government sponsored gaming marathon is over. I’ve traded in the good life for a 40+ hour week of hard work and 6am starts. Expect posts from me complaining and saying how tired I am from now on (give me sympathy). Here’s a tip for all, buy comfortable shoes!! Can’t stress this enough. I think 24 years of wearing trainers has given me sissy feet. My feet are actually trying to kill me, throbbing from the cheap-ass shoes I chose to buy because they look nice. This weekend i’ll be in the market for some cushioned foot garments.

My gaming time has been hit hard, I actually fell asleep while playing some two player Earth Defence Force: 2017 with my brother yesterday. Right before I started work last Thursday I picked up Need for Speed: Carbon CE, which I actually ended up enjoying quite a bit. I tend to lean on the arcadier side of racing games, and this was quite a nice solution. I played Most Wanted on PC and it’s more of the same really. Police chases can be a shed load of fun, the NFS series still have the best police car chase available I believe. Other than that, I played through the World Tour mode on Virtua Tennis 3. Again pleasantly surprising, it hasn’t changed much since the first outing on the Dreamcast or even the arcade version. Still, it’s a tight little package and I managed to waste hours playing it’s mix of Tennis and minigames (gimme achievements!). Yesterday I played some Earth Defence Force: 2017, it was a blast. Literally. What other game has you start with a rocket launcher and infinite ammo?! I played it two player, which was weird. Having a person sit next to me playing is so2017 mething that is rarer and rarer these days. Played through about 16 missions and we was only like 6% through the game. Watching rockets bounce off dino-mechs is entertaining. What can I say?

ps.. The rapper A+ has some new material out, you can hear it at‘s audio section. Back in ’96 I was over feeling this dude’s music. New ish is a bit too mixtapy for my liking but i hope to hear some full tracks soon. His Latch Key Child album is serious. If you have that, pull it off the shelf and listen to Gusto ft Prodigy from Mobb Deep. One of my favourite tracks of all time.

Ah well, back to work…

March 27, 2007, 10:57 pm
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First up, thanks for all the kind messages. They are truly appreciated.bosha

By the time this is uploaded it will be Wednesday the 28th of March. This date marks my last day of unemployment (freedom), and strangely enough my brother’s birthday. I’ve also run out of episodes of Seinfeld to watch, and finished the jar of peanut butter. Coincidence? Must be. Anyone that has Bosh on their Msn Messenger list will know its his birthday, because he has been counting down for like 30 days! So a huge happy birthday to you my lil’ brother. Have a good one, and i’ll see you on Friday.

Oh and sorry about the choice of picture too, I couldn’t resist.


March 26, 2007, 3:45 pm
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After being essentially poor for a few months now, I’ve found some employment. Not the best job in the world, but still. I think i’ll buy a Wii with my first paycheck to celebrate. Don’t worry Link, we’ll save Princess Zelda! Don’t you worry.