You think it’s a game

May 8, 2008, 11:36 pm
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This bangs!

Song entitled My Everything by a band called The Thirst. Maybe i’m biased cos they’re from Brixton. The video is also shot in Brixton I believe.

Finally! I have proof! Oh mebbe not…..
May 8, 2008, 9:59 pm
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Well yeh. But……………

leave that peanut butter in that jar unopened long enough you’ll get some organic molecules.


(Pixel) 1 – (Dodgy Religious People) 0

Ha. Dude opens the jar like he expects a fetus to fall out. What a waste of peanut butter! Looks smooth anyway, I’m a crunchy peanut butter kinda guy.

Marvin Interview/Podcast
May 8, 2008, 6:00 pm
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Marvin did a great interview with FX from SK Vibemakers for their latest podcast.

Some good insight into Marv and his music. Really good interview with some new music from his upcoming album I know you aint heard! Here’s the link.


Keep your grindie to yourself mate!
May 7, 2008, 2:59 pm
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Jeezsuus. This term grindie won’t die. It’s been a while but this has gotta be the strangest place i’ve seen it used. I’m happy to see original content on PSN (Sony’s Playstation Network) but this sounds quite wack. Check this regurgitation of a press release out.

Movement (PSN)

Seeking out the greatest unsigned bands from across Europe, Movement is an exclusive PSN music experience which will open your ears, your PS3 and PSP to the best in international music. From French electronica to London grindie via melody driven rock from Germany, you’ll hear it all courtesy of hosts Spencer and Martin who are tracking down the sweetest sounds across the continent in their VW Camper. With exclusive downloads on PSN and performances at PlayStation Day, movement will culminate with one band being selected by Spencer and Martin to have a professional promo video made. Look out for the entire madcap adventure on PSN soon.

Why Lout? invented “Grindie” when we sampled some indie for a Marvin track in 2005. The term is bullshit. I don’t wanna go off on a rant but people please stop using the term.

Anyway go holla at Marvin’s myspace for a listen of his new track Boyspot.

Anyone that uses the term “grindie” is in Westlife. Straight!

The Sewer Goblet – The Wu-Tang Clan and the Wu-Tang Baby
May 7, 2008, 2:11 pm
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Man oh man.

A few months back I discovered a game called Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. A RPG set in 2041 in a post apocalyptic future where basketball is outlawed and ballers are outlaws. HA. Funny stuff! Check the all kinds of awesome trailer below.

Well the same dudes are back. Read this!

“It was an ordinary day at the Wu-Tang mansion. Ghostface and Raekwon tossed around a football in the backyard while Ol’ Dirty Bastard, RZA, and the rest of the gang watched the game inside. What nobody expected was the knock at the door that would forever change their lives. Much to their surprise, a tiny but majestic baby with a mysterious pendant was on their doorstep and with nowhere else to go and no sign of who the baby belonged to, the Wu-Tang Clan had no choice but to adopt the tot and nickname him the Wu-Tang Baby. Little did they know, this baby was much sought after by an eldritch wizard living in the sewers for his pendant, and when the baby was kidnapped by the Cheese Panda XD, a henchman of the wizard, the Wu-Tang Clan was tasked with finding the wizard’s lair in the sewers and rescuing the kidnapped baby from his evil clutches in…”

The Sewer Goblet – The Wu-Tang Clan and the Wu-Tang Baby

Click the name for the full download. Although it is disappointing to note that this isn’t a fully fledged game like BSUAJ:G (lol), it was made in two weeks for a competition and is ultra lo-fi. Trailer below.

Voted most likely to not back up?!
May 6, 2008, 4:05 pm
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Damn I been bumping that H.N.I.C 2 shit like gospel the last week. My two favourite joints are ‘Young Veterans’ and ‘Click Clack’.

Yes I know what you are thinking. I also have a track called ‘Click Clack Blam’ (Video coming soon) with Akira the Don. Well we was first so shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We actually recorded the song in December 06! Time ago! AND! The sample for the hook is taken from Akira’s song ‘Clones’. So boy.

Anyways, Prodigy made videos for damn near every track on the LP. If he plunked them on a dvd or bluray i’d happily part ways with £15. Oh well, check out my two current favourites below.

Young Veterans

Click Clack

“Don’t be mad at me be mad at yourself”

The death of the word
May 5, 2008, 3:20 pm
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In a conversation I had a couple days back, someone stated that if writers like Philip K Dick and Hunter S Thompson were of a current generation they would just be bloggers. Realising the accuracy of that statement mad me a little sad. Not totally sure why either. What’s wrong with blogging??

Art holds strange power over human beings, many of us dedicate ourselves to it. Seeing art forms emerge and die is part of life.

Although the title of this entry is complete bullshit, words are not dead (far from it). Times have indeed changed. Games as art is a current debate. I myself see games as art, of course they are. Combining visuals with music, even the user interface can be art.

Although GTA4 is what i’m mainly playing at the moment. I did play a game called ‘Polcarstva‘ today. Russian for “There is no half kingdom”, I believe. It’s a point and click flash adventure. Really beautiful looking, sounding, and the interface is really organic. Really cool free bite-size web game. Try it out.

Speaking of beautiful, jeez it’s hot outside. very nice day indeed.